Individual Choice


About the Plan

The Individual Choice dental option provides excellent coverage for a wide range of dental services. You may use your College benefit credits and/or before-tax dollars to enroll yourself and any eligible dependents in the Ithaca College dental plan. Your College benefit credits include sufficient credits to purchase individual dental coverage.

Late entrant rules apply to this plan. A late entrant refers to any person whose effective date of insurance is more than 31 days from the date the person becomes eligible; or who has elected to become insured again after previously declining enrollment. Benefits during the first 12 months of coverage will be limited to 2 preventive care exams, 2 cleanings, and for children under the age of 19, one fluoride application. Further, the College reserves the right to require evidence of insurability prior to your enrollment in the plan.

The dental option covers 100 percent of reasonable and customary expenses for preventive and diagnostic services, such as routine oral exams and cleanings, topical application of fluoride for children, and x-rays. The plan allows for two routine oral exams and cleanings in a 12 month period. The maximum benefit that will be paid out in a calendar year is $1,500 per covered member for all dental services

Other dental expenses are covered as follows:

  • 80 percent of reasonable and customary charge for basic restorative services, such as fillings, non-surgical extractions, treatment of gum disease, root-canal therapy, and installation and repair of dentures.
  • 50 percent of reasonable and customary charge for major restorative services, such as installation of inlays, gold fillings, and crowns.

You may choose from five coverage categories, as follows:

  • Employee only
  • Employee and Spouse or Qualified Domestic Partner
  • Employee and children
  • Family
  • Shared Family (when both you and your spouse or qualified domestic partner work for Ithaca College and you have eligible dependent children; if you do not have dependent children, each employee must select "employee only" coverage)

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What you need to know before you have oral surgery

Accidental injuries to sound teeth or medically-related oral surgery procedures are not covered under the college's dental plan. Contact your medical plan provider to determine if coverage is available for accidental injuries or oral surgeries under your medical plan.

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Know what will be covered before you have the work done

You can find out how much will be paid by the dental plan before you have your dentist do any major work. This procedure is called "Pretreatment Estimate." It is strongly recommended, but not required, that you obtain a Pretreatment Estimate anytime the estimated charge will be $200 or more.

A Pretreatment Estimate can be received by submitting a completed Dental Claim form to Ameritas. Note: the dentist should check the appropriate box on the claim form to indicate that the purpose of the form is a Pretreatment Estimate.

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