Welcome to the Art Department

The history of visual arts at Ithaca College began in 1897, when Olaf Brauner joined the faculty to teach painting. Today's Department of Art still teaches painting, with classes at three levels, but we also teach a whole lot more. Professor Brauner might recognize some of our other classes, such as drawing and sculpture, but computer art and animation, book design, and lithography might surprise him!

After the College's relocation from downtown to South Hill, the department was able to gradually expand its curriculum. Today students can pursue a bachelor of fine arts degree (with emphasis on studio art classes), a bachelor of arts degree (a more general degree with a broader liberal arts component), or a bachelor of arts in art education, leading to K-12 certification for New York State. The art minor is also very popular, both with students in the School of Humanities and Sciences and with those in the professional schools.

Special Features

Ithaca's program recognizes and supports the fact that art is a one-on-one discipline. We therefore offer small classes given by experienced faculty, not teaching assistants. Our introductory-level courses average 15-20 students, while upper-level classes are even smaller. With a student-faculty ratio of 6:1, Ithaca's art program fosters a very high level of personal interaction. All of our faculty members hold the terminal degree for studio art (master of fine arts), and all are practicing professional artists.

There are 45-50 art majors, and over 275 non-majors are enrolled in the various art courses offered. All art classes run for two and two-thirds hours and meet twice weekly.


The art department is located on the lower level of the recently renovated Ceracche Center. We have facilities for silkscreen photo, lithography, intaglio (etching and engraving), sculpture (including wood, sheet metal, and dimensional steel fabrication), and bookbinding, as well as Mac G5 computers and three color printers.

Related Minors

Photography, advertising and public relations, business, biology, art history, anthropology, and computer science are just a few of the possibilities.


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