Preregistration Information

Registration for the fall 2016 semester is fast approaching.The History Department will once again use our procedure for pre-registering our majors and minors into History Department classes. This web page outlines the procedures for preregistering for the fall 2016 semester.

  • Students will use Homer to register for classes
  • Students must meet with their adviser in order to be able to register. At that meeting, advisers will give students a PIN for use when logging into Homer. Students cannot register without this PIN. Advising meetings have begun – students should see individual advisers for an appointment.
  • In order to ensure that history students have preferential access to our classes, we have worked out a scheme for pre-registering BOTH MAJORS AND MINORS for the fall. This includes History and Social Studies, with or without the teaching option. The plan works as follows:
    1. Students will be given a list of all the courses the department is offering in the spring. The form is available for download on the department website.
    2. Students may request up to two (2) 100-, 200- or 300- level History Department courses into which they will be placed before the general registration period begins, contingent upon the enrollment cap of the course. Students will make these choices by filling out the form at the bottom of the class listing, and returning it to: Terrie Miller @ 424 Muller by April 1, 2016 at 1:00PM.
    3. Students may sign up for one 400 level class using this form. Students must specify the course, and get the approval of the seminar professor before turning in the form. Students will not be allowed to register for the seminar without instructor approval.  WE WILL NOT AUTOMATICALLY PREREGISTER STUDENTS INTO SEMINARS, BUT WILL RESERVE SEATS BY LIFTING THE RESTRICTION FOR STUDENTS WHO HAVE TURNED IN SIGNED FORMS SO THAT THEY CAN REGISTER THEMSELVES AT THEIR REGULAR REGISTRATION APPOINTMENT. ALSO, WE WILL NOT USE THE PRE-REGISTRATION PROCESS TO OVERRIDE TIME CONFLICTS, COURSE CAPACITIES, FINANCIAL AID OR MEDICAL HOLDS.
    4. Students may only preregister for 3 classes total, across their whole schedule. This means that if a student has the opportunity to preregister in more than one department, they will need to coordinate their choices carefully, as the Dean's office will only allow a student to be placed into 3 courses before their regular registration appointment.
    5. When a student's regular registration appointment arrives, they can complete their registration for the fall in Homer by adding the remainder of the courses that will fill their schedule.

Students are not required to preregister, but if they need or want particular courses it is clearly in their best interest to do so. This process is intended to help the department serve our students by getting them into the courses they need. If students do not preregister, then they will lose this opportunity for preferential seating, and will have to try their luck with whatever seats are available at your regular registration time.

Any questions, advice, or suggestions about this procedure are not only welcome but encouraged! Please contact Terrie Miller with concerns.

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