Experiential Learning Courses in H&S

Education - Culture and Community in Education and Teaching (EDUC 37000)Education - Culture and Community in Education and Teaching (EDUC 37000)
Professional Practice: Students develop projects in,and work with, a community program or school.

A sociocultural analysis of schools, teaching, and learning for the purpose of creating more effective educational experiences for culturally diverse learners. Students learn to incorporate knowledge about race, ethnicity, social class, gender, and other important aspects of culture into the design of schools and educational programs and lessons. Particular attention is given to cultural information about African American, Latino, and Asian American youth and families. All students in the course work a minimum of three hours a week with youth in a community program or school and develop projects specific to their interests and community placements. The typical amount of community work is 2 hours, twice a week, but many students do more.

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