Ruth Stone


Grandma lives in this town;

in fact all over this town.

Granpa's dead.

Uncle Heery's brain-dead,

and them aunts! Well!

It's grandma you have to contend with.

She's here - she's there!

She works in the fast food hangout.

She's doing school lunches.

She's the crossing guard at the school corner.

She's the librarian's assistant.

She's part-time in the real estate office.

She's stuffing envelopes.

She gets up at three A.M.

to go to the screw factory;

and at night she's at the business school

taking a course in computer science.

Now you take this next town.

Grandpa's laid out in the cemetery

and grandma's gone wild and bought a bus ticket

to Disneyland.

Uncle Bimbo's been laid up for ten years

and them aunts

are all cashiers in ladies' clothing

and grandma couldn't stand the sight of them

washing their hands and their hair

and their panty hose.

"It's Marine World for me" grandma says.

©1997, Ruth Stone. Published in Prairie Schooner Vol. 71, No.1, Spring 1997.



Ruth Stone

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