Alumni Information


  • Cynthia Bowen, attending pharmacy school at Ohio State University. ES major.
  • So Young Ho, High school Athletic Trainer. AT major.
  • Kirsty Kmack, Exercise Physiologist - New York Heart Center (Cardiac Rehabilitation Center). CES major.
  • Brian Perez, Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer at West Virginia University. AT major. 
  • April Lewandowski, Currently attending UT Austin, Dept. of Kinesiology and Health Education, Exercise Physiology: Sports Science and Nutrition. CES major.
  • Jeremy Todd, attending New York Chiropractic college. CES major.
  • Amanda Cheshire, graduate assistant in athletic training at Kean University. AT major.
  • Miranda Loetscher, Athletic Training Fellowship at the Steadman Hawkins Clinic. AT major.
  • Melissa Mathew, Graduate Assistant at Adelphi University pursuing my masters degree. CES major.
  • Bryan Steele, attending New York Chiropractic College. CES major.
  • Genevra Piedmonte, Small business owner: Supergirl Fitness - offering private fitness training focusing on weight loss, strength training and yoga. ES major.
  • Ryan Dowling, health and fitness instructor at The Berkshire Nautilis. ES major.
  • Brooke Alderich, attending Boston University for DPT.
  • Kristen McCormick, Personal Trainer at Equinox in Santa Monica, CA. CES major.
  • Michael White, certified athletic trainer. AT major.
  • Candace Lazarovitis, attending University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ for graduate of nursing. CES
  • Steven Ives, working towards Ph.D in Exercise Physiology at Springfield College. CES major.
  • Matt Wright, attending SUNY Plattsburgh for physicians assistant. CES student.
  • Erin Cleveland, assistant at an orthopedic clinic. AT major.
  • Michelle Mizerak, cardiac rehab. CES major.
  • Nicholas Cerone, Personal Trainer/Exercise Physiologist. CES major.
  • Garret Bordon, strength and conditioning coach at strength and motion. CES major. 
  • Ryan Steenberg, strength and conditioning coach at strength and motion. CES major.
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