BIOL 20500 Biology of Aging

Theme: Mind, Body, Spirit

Perspective: Natural Sciences

This course encompasses the study of theoretical and measured aspects of aging phenomenon as it influences human...

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ITAL 33000 The Italian Americans

Attribute: Diversity

This course examines the experiences of Italian immigrants to the United States, including the descendants of these immigrants.  From the 1870’s through the 1940’s, the vast majority of Italian immigrants came from Southern Italy and...

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Seats are still available for the spring 2015 semester in a number of newly designated  ICC courses.

ICC Identities Theme:
ARTH28300  American Visual Culture: 1690-1960 (CA)
ENGL21900 Shakespeare (HM)
THEA19601 The Others: Class, Race, and Gender in Drama and Performance (CA, HM)

ICC Inquiry, Imagination, and Innovation Theme:
ENGL21900 Shakespeare (HM)

ICC Power and Justice Theme:
THEA19601 The Others: Class, Race, and Gender in Drama and Performance (CA, HM)

ICC Capstone:
MGMT42100 Strategic Management

To register or obtain full course information, go to HomerConnect.


THEA 19600 U.S. Social Activist Theatre and Performance

Themes: Power and Justice
Perspectives: Creative Arts

Theatre scholars and practitioners alike are engaged by questions of how politics and performance combine to produce...

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Click here for a list of ICC courses being taught in the spring 2015 semester for each theme/perspective, diversity, quantitative literacy, and writing intensive designation. Updates will be made as new courses are approved until the first day of classes.

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