Student Organization Registration


Contributed by Russell Martin

Student organizations may register with Ithaca College through the Center for Student Leadership and Involvement. Organizations must register annually to formally operate during the academic year. Complete instructions and registration materials may be found at

Student organizations should complete all steps in the process by February 28. This is the final opportunity to register for the academic year.

Once they have registered, student organizations will have:

* Access to resources and services offered by Ithaca College for registered student organizations.
* The ability to reserve facilities on campus, with a minimal or no rental charge, for meetings and programs.
* The ability to advertise on campus, including permission to hang posters and fliers on approved campus bulletin boards.
* The ability to travel and represent Ithaca College at conferences and programs.
* Permission to use "Ithaca College" in their names.
* In most cases, eligibility to apply for funding through Ithaca College.
* Use of the Student Activities Center in 311 Egbert Hall and all resources found in the facility.
* Access to storage space, as available.

Please direct questions about student organizations and registration to []. Thank you very much!