Fall 2009 Environmental Studies Course to Explore Climate Change in a Global Decision-Making Context


Contributed by Carol Hansen

Global climate change is arguably the most important issue of our time. Each fall Ithaca College students have the opportunity to explore the topic in detail through a three-credit course, International Environmental Policy (ENVS 33300).

Students will experience first-hand the complexities of international negotiations to address climate change by attending the UN's Framework for Climate Change annual "Conference of the Parties" Convention. In 2009, this conference will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Course preparation will include assessing the state of scientific knowledge; learning more about Ithaca College's commitment to climate neutrality and plans for achieving this; and gaining insight on international environmental negotiations, including the role that nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and colleges and universities can play.

The class will develop an exhibit, and will help to organize and stage a side event on higher education for the convention, which will be held in early December.

Faculty and students will attend seven days of the convention. Students will be required to pay their airfare and any portion of on-site expenses that Ithaca College cannot cover.

For more information contact environmental studies program coordinator Susan Allen-Gil.