Join the Art History Society!


Contributed by Laura Sacchi

Our first meeting will be on Monday, February 1st @ 6:00 p.m. in the first floor (art history department) of the Gannett Center. Just follow the hallway to end and we will meet in the lounge.

We have so many wonderful things planned for this semester and we need your help!

The Art History Society of Ithaca College is a student group dedicated to the communication and discussion of the arts past and present outside of a classroom setting. With a growing group membership, The Art History Society has been able to move forward as active members of the Ithaca College club community. Over the past years we have created campus-wide events such as our artist bio-pic movie series, providing free showings and discussion of movies like Frida and Girl with a Pearl Earring. In addition to campus-wide events we also give the opportunity to the students of Art History to join in fun, informal events such as our “wine and cheese parties” which build departmental identity and community in an outside-the-classroom setting. Besides our many planned events, we also provide students of the Department of Art History with informative study groups for art history classes and field trips to galleries and museums. The Art History Society strives to build community in the Department of Art History and aims to bring together students with an interest in Art History itself.