SPSS Networked License Renewal Process


Contributed by Beth Rugg

We're changing the SPSS renewal process for departments that take advantage of the network license offered by ITS. This process change does not impact any departments that have purchased SPSS on their own.

For years, ITS has provided an annual networked license of SPSS Statistics that includes base, advanced and regression modules to departments that requested it. The networked license cost is much less then what an individual can purchase and has some constraints associated with it:

Because of recent vendor and licensing agreement changes, ITS will be managing the renewal process differently for the 2011-2012 academic year. Renewal notices will be sent out by late May - early June. Recently, the vendor has asked that we bring all network license users to one version (versions 17 and 18 are currently available.) In order to do that we want to allow time for departments to renew their licenses and upgrade to the latest version of the software, SPSS 19. Departments will have until October to pay for their network license.

All users who wish to continue to use this network license must be on version 19 by October 1st. ITS plans to make SPSS 19 available in June. Once version 19 is available, version 17 will stop working. Users can renew and upgrade over the summer. After October 1st, versions 17 and 18 will no longer be available. We are hoping that with this longer renewal process, departments using the network license will only need to upgrade once either from version 17 to 19 or from version 18 to 19.

ITS also expects that there will be a slight increase in the cost of the network license due to rising vendor costs.

Stay tunes for more info. If you have any questions please contact the Helpdesk.

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