Optical Scanning Updates and Integration with Sakai


Contributed by Karen Sunderland

A new release of the Optical Scanning software has been installed and some changes have been made to the scanning procedures. These changes will provide a greater level of security for exam reports and allow for a higher level of efficiency for Computer Operations. The following summarizes the changes and the ITS Optical Scanning Website has been updated to reflect the changes. Information about the Optical Scanning integration with Sakai is also available within Sakai on your school's Optical Scanning tab.

Exam Reports

All exam reports will be delivered to faculty via a Sakai Drop Box. Hard copies of exam reports will no longer be provided by Computer Operations, but these reports can be printed from the faculty member’s Sakai Drop Box. Faculty will be notified via email when a report has been placed in their Sakai Drop Box. The test name that’s listed on the Optical Scanning Cover Sheet will now be embedded in the exam reports. A new report called “106 Condensed Test Report” has also been added to the list of available reports on the Test Scoring Request Form.

Test Scoring Request Form

The Optical Scanning Test Scoring Request Form has been updated to reflect the changes that have been made in regards to exam reports and as a result any old request forms should be discarded.

Final Exam Week Procedures

The turn-around time window for test scoring results during final exam week has been expanded to 24 hours in order to account for extremely busy time periods. The cutoff time for dropping off tests to Computer Operations will now be 8:00 PM.

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