Nicholas Walker, School of Music, Teaches and Performs Internationally


Contributed by Molly O'Shea Polk

Associate Professor of Music, Nicholas Walker, gave masterclasses, lessons, lecture presentations, and performances at two international double bass workshops.

In August, Walker joined distinguished professors Paul Ellison (Rice University) and David Allen Moore (University of Southern California) in St. Irene, Quebec for two weeks of intensive training for students from across North America.  This month, Walker presented a bass workshop with Silvio Dalla Torre on the Baltic coast, in Rostock Germany, to double bass students from Germany, Austria, China, Taiwan, and South Korea.

Workshop topics included:

- managing nerves, adrenaline, and performance anxiety - connecting performance on stage to the practice room;
- creating and managing a practice plan - managing time and energy to reach YOUR goals
- from the radio to the concert hall - creating your own unique arrangements of popular songs for the recital stage
- five practice zones for string players
This semester Walker is scheduled to present additional double bass workshops in Hamburg, Oslo, Amsterdam, and The Hague.