January Update on Integrative Core Curriculum


Contributed by Danette Johnson

Welcome back to spring semester 2013! This is the first in a series of ICC updates that will be provided on Intercom throughout the spring semester. If you’d like to know more about any of the issues below or have questions about issues that are not included, please contact icc@ithaca.edu or visit the ICC webpage (www.ithaca.edu/icc).

Many thanks to all of the faculty who have worked throughout the fall  revising programs, putting forward course designation proposals, and reviewing programs and courses in the various schools and at APC. In particular, thanks to those faculty on the CCR designation sub-committees, who determine ICC course designations, for their ongoing work:

Themes/Perspectives:  Dario Bernardini, Mike Buck, Tom Burch, Luke Keller, Granger Macy, Denise Nuttall,  James Pfrehm, Jack Powers, Devan Rosen, Jack Rossen, John White

Diversity: Derek Adams, Kim Baker, Sean Eversley Bradwell, Cathrene Connery, Belisa Gonzalez, Alex Moon, Jack Rossen, John White

Quantitative Literacy: Chris Hummel, Luke Keller (coordinator), Granger Macy, Jack Powers, Emilie Weisner

Writing Intensive: Mike Buck, Susan Adams Delaney, Jerry Mirskin, James Pfrehm (coordinator)

If you are interested in joining any of the designation sub-committees above or participating in any of activities described below, please contact icc@ithaca.edu

Below is a summary of updates and spring activities related to the ICC: