OUCH! Free, Monthly Security Awareness Newsletter


Contributed by Kris Monroe

Take a look at OUCH!, a monthly security awareness newsletter from SANS:


The March issue of OUCH! explains the dangers of using Social Networking sites and how you can protect yourself, your family and your organization. http://www.securingthehuman.org/newsletters/ouch/issues/OUCH-201303_en.pdf  

Summary from newsletter:
Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn are powerful, allowing you to meet, interact and share with people around the world. However, with all these capabilities come risks; not to just you, but your family, friends and employer. In this newsletter we will discuss what these dangers are and how to use these sites more safely.

In addition, a new security awareness video of the month is "Social Networking Safely."  This video covers the very same topics covered in the OUCH! awareness newsletter. You can find the latest security awareness video at http://www.securingthehuman.org/resources/ncsam.

Other cyber security awareness resources are available from the SANS Securing The Human Program, so take a look and let us know if you find anything particularly useful.

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