The Studio 24 Hour Film Festival


Contributed by Carol Jennings

This weekend The Studio invites you to participate in an exciting adventure in Transmedia making.  

Can you film, edit, and screen your story in 24 hours?  Yes, you can!  The Studio at Ithaca College will give you a theme and equipment, and coach you in production, post production and transmedia storytelling.  The idea you execute this weekend will be a trial run at creating your own transmedia project.  The project that WINS the festival will be fast tracked to the final rounds for a GREEN LIGHT.  Event starts at 10am Saturday, October 26th at Center Ithaca in the Atrium, 171 East State Street, on the Commons, and ends with a screening at 7pm Sunday in the Park Auditorium.   You must register by Friday the 25th at 3pm (it's free!) by emailing  For updates and more information visit The Studio at Ithaca College on Facebook.  Questions?  Email David Lillienstein, Executive Staff member, The Studio, or call/text (631) 742-3513

Open to all Ithaca College students.

Individuals with disabilities requiring accommodations should contact Carol Jennings, 274-3451,  We ask that requests for accommodations be made as soon as possible.