The H&S and Pre-Law Resource Center is now open on Sakai


Contributed by Megan Wolk

Submitted on behalf of Professor Whelan.

The H&S and Pre-Law Resource Center is now open on Sakai for use by the Ithaca College community. This site is a tool to explore the field of law and the possibility of going to law school.

Several options are open to help guide students in their learning process.

· Visit the Resources tab to learn more about the following information: Law schools and the Admissions Process; Is Law School for You?; What Lawyers Do; Preparing for Law School; Choosing a Law School; The Legal Job Market; and Information of General Interest on Law School and the Legal Profession.

· Visit the Announcements tab to find out about upcoming events and new material added to the site.

· Visit the Chat Room tab to interact with other students about comments you may have, your individual experience with the site, and any other information you might want to share.

· There will also be a Roster tab that will list all those with access to the site; a Sign-up tab where students will be able to register for upcoming events; and a Schedule tab where upcoming events will be posted.

Feel free to explore these exciting options and share your experiences in the chat room. This site is only available to members of the Ithaca College community. If you would like access to this site, please email H&S Pre-Law Adviser Michael Whelan at