Student Health 101 - Boost Your Body Confidence!


Contributed by Nancy Reynolds

Submitted on behalf of Julia Herman '14, CHP Intern.

The National Eating Disorders Association defines body image as:

The following are some tips to help boost your body confidence:

  1. Make a list of qualities you like about yourself. Include a few that are about your physical appearance, and many that are not. 
  2. Place positive affirmations on a mirror or in your pocket.
  3. Store kind words about yourself in your phone or as a screen savor.
  4. Connect mind and body. Thinking of your body as an instrument, rather than an ornament, can help you focus on the many things your body does each day. 
  5. Find positive support. Getting involved in your community and finding peaceful activities can enhance your sense of support and acceptance.

Your body does much more than hold up your clothes and get you to class. It can laugh, dance, breathe, and enjoy the world through its five senses. Focusing on more than how you look is key to having more confidence!

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