Loan your old TVs/DVD players to the gallery for our next exhibition!


Contributed by Mara Baldwin

The gallery is seeking 7-10 television sets and dvd players for a one-month exhibition called Strange Bedfellows

Ideally we are looking for color television sets with built-in dvd players between 12" and 36" wide, however, if you have a piece of equipment that doesn't follow strictly under these parameters (ie, a monitor without a dvd player, or a dvd player without a monitor)-- email us anyway.

All sizes, makes, brands, colors accepted, as long as they work!  We aren't being picky right now!

Loaned objects would be needed from March 10-April 11 and will be available for pick-up Monday, April 14. We are able and willing to receive and store equipment in advance of those dates. If you loan us equipment but don't want it back at the end of the exhibition, we will help find a new home for it on campus or donate it to charity.  Think of this as an opportunity for early Spring Cleaning!

Email gallery director Mara Baldwin at if you have something you're willing to loan to the gallery for a compelling addition to the next exhibition. Assistance with transporting the sets from your car to the gallery will be coordinated by gallery staff and interns.