Ergonomics: A Workstation that Works for You!


Contributed by Katie Sack

Ergonomics is simply fitting the job to the person. It is a way to modify and adapt your working space to create a supportive environment that protects the body. Located on the Ithaca College website, under the Office of Human Resources' Work/Life section, there is a brand new section titled “Ergonomics: A Workstation that Works for You!” Please follow this link to the page:

This source of references and resources was created through the Community Practice graduate course in the Occupational Therapy department. A group of graduate students, Megan Barry, Maria Barton, Sophie Leeds, Mika Milliren, Andrea Muffly, and Kristin Otero, as part of their class project, decided to help educate faculty and staff on the importance of ergonomics in their workspace.

With the help of their professor Dr. Lynn Gitlow, Robin Davis and Katie Sack (both from the Employee Benefits & Work/Life department), Mark Ross (Environmental Safety Specialist), and Andrea Clark (Interior Design & Inventory Specialist from the Facilities Purchasing Department), the students have joined together to help create an ergonomics program here at Ithaca College.

Please feel free to check out the website, learn what you can to be better informed, and take the survey to test your knowledge.