Photography Professor Ron Jude to speak at symposium in the UK


Contributed by Ron Jude

Professor Jude will deliver a lecture on Wednesday, April 23rd at a symposium entitled Patterns of Disclosure: The Narrative Document and the Photographic Book, at Plymouth University.

Ron Jude will be presenting an overview of his projects from the past twenty years, with a focus on the evolution of his practice from “exhibition artist,” to “book maker.” With particular emphasis on Alpine Star, Emmett, and Lick Creek Line, his trilogy of books about his home state of Idaho, Jude will discuss the slippery prospect of meaning in photography, and how the device of truncated narrative can both exploit and redirect the unreasonable expectations we place on the medium. He will conclude his presentation with a look at the challenges of making a book of his current project, Lago, which attempts to locate the psychological space of a desert landscape through a poetically structured collection of photographs.