Footprints Call Tracking System

The Helpdesk uses an automated system (Footprints by Numara, Inc.) for tracking requests and problem reports from customers. All contacts (e-mail, walk-in, telephone calls) are tracked using this system. The name of a faculty or staff member is required for all requests related to college-owned equipment.

When a problem is reported and not immediately resolved, a ticket is entered into FootPrints and the person reporting the problem is sent an e-mail confirmation message. Informational messages may also be sent during the course of the resolution of the issue.

FootPrints confirmation messages contain the following information:

  • Issue (reference) Number: if you need to contact the Helpdesk about a pending issue, please have the issue number handy. This number allows Helpdesk staff to locate the request quickly.
  • Subject: a short description of the request
  • Priority:the priority of the request refers to the urgency of the problem. ITS will make every effort to respond to the request based on the Service Response Time guidelines.
  • Status: the status indicates where the Issue stands in the resolution process.
    • In Progress - the issue is open and active
    • Hold - the issue is open, but inactive (i.e. we are waiting for a repair part to arrive)
    • Closed - the issue is resolved
  • Detailed Description: this is a full description of the reported problem or request.