Digital Media Services


Ithaca College ITS has identified and successfully entered into an agreement with a video streaming service called Livestream.  This exciting new service will allow the Ithaca College community to stream live video events across the internet virtually in real time.  It's a high quality video streaming solution that's mobile device friendly and offers a wide range of uses for events large or small.  Livestream ties in social media technology such as Twitter, Facebook, as well as its own chat features and is relatively easy to use.  Clients include Facebook, HBO, IBM, Cornell, Yale and a multitude of other educational institutions with each using the service in a variety of interesting ways.  Ithaca College School of Music has been successfully using Livestream for the past year with great success.

Currently, ITS is beta testing the system with a few pilot programs intended to learn the technology, gain experience, and share that experience with the campus community.  Some of the most recent pilot programs have been to partner with ICTV for a test stream of football games, as well as partnering with the School of Business for their student business idea competition.

We are currently assembling a steering committee comprised of Ithaca College community members who represent a diverse cross-section of the campus community.  Once assembled, the committee will identify best practices, equipment recommendations, policy and implementation.  The goal is to find the best ways for this service to empower our campus and share what makes Ithaca College such a unique and dynamic place to learn - with the rest of the world.