Friends 110

The Friends 110 lab is located on the first floor of Friends Hall and houses a 24-hour access computer lab. Printing is only available during the hours listed below for Friends 110. The main room contains 14 Mac and 19 Windows computers and the side room contains 26 Windows computers. The side Windows lab is not available for regular academic classroom reservations, but may be reserved for special class sessions by Faculty. The Windows lab is not available for reservations during peak times of the semester, such as mid-terms and final exams.

The fixIT Shop is also located in Friends 110.


The Center for Health Science lab is located in the basement of CHS and contains three separate labs. The public lab, CHS 105, contains 3 Mac and 24 Windows computers. CHS 104 is open for general use outside of regularly scheduled classes and this lab contains 21 Windows computers. The Physical Therapy lab, CHS 102, contains 3 Mac and 6 Windows computers and is reserved for Physical Therapy students.

Williams 210

The Williams 210 lab is located on the second floor of Williams Hall and contains 7 Mac and 22 Windows computers.


The Library in Gannett Center contains 27 Windows computers on the main floor. There are 20 Windows laptops and 2 iPads that may be reserved for 6 hours at a time. There is also a Digital Media Lab with specialty software which contains 4 Mac computers.

Park Center Atrium

There are 8 Windows laptops available for general use in the second floor atrium of the Park Center for Business and Sustainable Enterprise.


Academic Year Hours


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
FR 110 7:30am - 1am 7:30am - 1am 7:30am - 1am 7:30am - 1am 7:30am - 5pm 12pm - 5pm 12pm - 1am
CHS 105 7:30am - 11pm 7:30am - 11pm 7:30am - 11pm 7:30am - 11pm 7:30am - 5pm Closed 12pm - 11pm
WM 210 8am - 10pm 8am - 10pm 8am - 10pm 8am - 10pm 8am - 5pm Closed 12pm - 10pm