Optical Scanning

Test Scoring Results


Tests results are available to instructors through a variety of reports in order to analyze test data. All test scoring results include, by default, an email of report 101 Student Statistics. IInstructors can request to receive additional reports. These reports will be e-mailed to their Sakai Drop Box. 

Available Reports Include:

  • 101 Student Statistics
  • 103 Class Frequency
  • 104 Test Statistics
  • 106 Condensed Test Report
  • 201 Detailed Item Analysis
  • 203 Item Analysis Graph
  • 207 Test Item Analysis
  • 301 Student Grade

Raw Data

Instructors can request test results in the form of raw data which can be imported into a variety of analysis programs such as Microsoft Excel. Data files are commonly used to maintain a grade book. Raw data files are comma-delimited ascii files in the form of textual data. Numeric data files can also be requested. Data will be e-mailed to the instructor’s Sakai Drop Box. Sub-Test data files do not include the instructor's answer key information.