Other Clients

Microsoft Office 365 provides an Exchange email system. Clients that support Exchange will normally allow for auto configuration for a new account. Other email clients may also work with the IC email system. Please check the program's online help or Web resources for detailed information about configuration, but this general information may be helpful:

IMAP Email Clients

For email programs that only support IMAP (if a program supports both IMAP and Exchange, use the Exchange option, above), the settings will need to be entered manually. Note that IMAP connections do not support calendar synchronization.  POP connections are not allowed.

  • Log into myHome
  • Click Outlook Web App in the left menu
  • Select your language and time zone if prompted
  • Click the gear icon at the top right of the screen, then click Options
  • Click Accounts (within the Mail menu)
  • Click POP and IMAP
  • Use the IMAP (incoming) and SMTP (outgoing) settings to configure an account in your preferred email program (see the program's documentation for information about how to add/create an account)