About the Cortaca Licensing Program

In the summer of 2012 Ithaca College and SUNY Cortland began a Licensing and Trademark Enforcement program for the Cortaca Jug football game. The two schools, participants in the annual football game, became co-owners of the registered trademark "Cortaca" and partners in a trademark and licensing program for “the biggest little game in the nation”.

Any vendor creating merchandise (apparel, bags, writing utensils, mugs, etc.) bearing the protected term "Cortaca," whether for on-campus departments or organizations, or for third party vendors to sell in stores, must be set up as an official licensee and go through an approval before using the term on any merchandise. Additionally, the registered trademark extends to non-merchandise use of the protected term, such as in songs or films.

The two schools have partnered with Strategic Marketing Affiliates to assist in the management of the licensing and trademark enforcement program. SMA is responsible for processing license applications, coordinating artwork approvals, and enforcing our trademarks.

Please e-mail with any questions related to the Cortaca licensing program.