Prospective Students

Theatre Program

The theatre program consists of an intensive nine-credit course called Interrelationships: British Drama and Cultural Life.  This course provides theatre students with an understanding of the British experience - historical and modern - through the medium of theatre. In the seminar and lab portions of the course, you will review and discuss the plays attended during the semester.  The course also includes a series of theatre history walking tours led by Professor Tim Kidd, our drama program director.  Professor Kidd is a graduate of Cambridge and Yale Universities and he is an official "blue badge" London guide.  The rich selection of plays, backstage tours, talks by actors and directors, and Wednesday walking tours make the London Center's drama program stand out among study-abroad opportunities.  

Admission to the drama program is selective.  Should students not be selected for the drama program, there are other options for theatre students in London including: Acting and voice classes; courses such as Drama and the London theatre; Shakespeare and Stage Combat; and internship opportunities.