Study Abroad

Getting StartedGetting Started

It is never too early to start planning your study abroad experience.  We strongly encourage you to begin the planning process during your freshman year, with the guidance of your academic adviser and the Office of International Programs.  Early planning will help you ensure that studying abroad will not only be the experience of a lifetime, but also that you will be able to fulfill necessary requirements and continue making progress towards your degree while abroad. 

If you have already selected a program and have met with your academic adviser to discuss how the program will be able to satisfy your academic requirements, then you are ready to start the application process. 

If you have not yet selected a program, you should take a moment to browse through the study abroad programs Ithaca College has to offer.  You could also consider attending an information session, a drop-in session or schedule an appointment to meet with a study abroad adviser to get more information about study abroad options at Ithaca College.