Park Scholars Tell Stories

Road sign that reads "Change Ahead"
The Changes College Brings, or Lack Thereof

by Jeremy Block '18

People say college changes you. Yet, here I am, thirteen weeks into my college career, almost done with my first semester, and honestly, my life doesn’t feel all that different.

I’m still the same person, just with a new routine. Perhaps you could say I’ve never had this much freedom before, but in a general sense, I was ready...

Kyle Stewart on ICTV Election Center Debate Panel
You Are Not Your Major

by Kyle Stewart '18

“Wait, you are a documentary studies major? I thought you were business or politics.”

In my first three months of college, I have received comments similar to this one on numerous occasions, but I take all of these misunderstandings as compliments.

If other students are confused about what my declared major is, then I am doing...

Male student leaning over stack of papers with clock in front of him
Managing the Stress that is College

by Christina Rucinski '18

If you thought high school went by quickly, think again. The first semester of college could not have passed more quickly. Thanksgiving break is almost here, and I am frantically trying to register for my spring semester classes. While most college students are short on money, they are also short on time.

College offers so many opportunities to...

Park Scholar Class fof 2017
The Littlest Lifetime Moments

by Vanessa O'Connor '17

When we were told at the Park Scholar orientation that time flies, I did not believe it. Yet here we are, already with one semester of college under our belts, and we barely had time to blink. I remember like it was yesterday sitting under the hot sun and the bugs were pestering my face as all the first-year students ate BBQ for the first time as one...

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