Park Scholars Tell Stories

Getting Involved in the Media Right from the Start

by Aidan Quigley '18

One of the pillars of the Park Scholar Award  is a passion for communications, so it is no surprise that many Park Scholars are involved in on-campus media. At Ithaca College, there are many media outlets, including The Ithacan, Buzzsaw, Imprint, ICTV, WICB and VIC. In our freshman class of scholars, several individuals are involved in one, two or three...

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What to Do When You Don't Know What You Want to Do

by Erika Olsen '18

I had barely started my freshman year, and I was already questioning all of my academic choices. Was I in the right major? Had I chosen the right concentration? Should I minor? What do I minor in? How do I change any of this?

I was in S’Park – a required class for all first-year Park students. We had just Skyped with Jimmy Knowles, a...

The Ithacan
Getting Involved in the Media Right from the Start

by Aidan Quigley '18


Road sign that reads "Change Ahead"

The Changes College Brings, or Lack Thereof

by Jeremy Block '18

People say college changes you. Yet, here I am, thirteen weeks into my college career, almost done with my first semester, and honestly, my life doesn’t feel all that different.

I’m still the same person, just with a new routine. Perhaps you could say I’ve never had this much freedom before, but in a general sense, I was ready...

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