Park Scholars Tell Stories

Park Scholar Class fof 2017
The Littlest Lifetime Moments

by Vanessa O'Connor '17

When we were told at the Park Scholar orientation that time flies, I did not believe it. Yet here we are, already with one semester of college under our belts, and we barely had time to blink. I remember like it was yesterday sitting under the hot sun and the bugs were pestering my face as all the first-year students ate BBQ for the first time as one...

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What You Know: Re-Evaluating Your Self-Identity

by John Jacobson '17

As a Park Scholar, the end of the first semester is hectic. Clubs and organizations are winding down their activities with many holding applications for positions to begin in the two following semesters. Students are drinking more coffee than usual as they stay up in the library past midnight – or three a.m. – or they just never sleep. Finals week...

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Finding Your Passion

by Samantha Weil '17

At the orientation for the Park Scholar Program upon arrival at Ithaca College back in August, Dr. Fee told us multiple times that the Park Scholar Program is designed to help us find our passion, and we are strongly encouraged to find what issues we are passionate about. This emphasis of the program in addition to the move to Ithaca pushed me these past two...

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Living Together in Terrace 3

by Alexa Salvato '17

When I told people from my hometown that I was in a class of 11 fellow freshman Park Scholars- all of whom I would have a first-semester course with and interact with in various capacities through the semester- they were shocked to find out that we were also all living on the same floor of the same building. “Isn’t that too much?”...

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