Making Ithaca College Purchases

Office Supplies

Ithaca College has negotiated contract with Staples for College office supplies and for employees' personal office supplies. Contact Wayne French if you need assistance or have questions.


Contact Wayne French to be set up in the Staples on-line ordering system database. You will need a college Procurement card first in order to place orders on-line.

(NOTE: “”, “” and the Staples retail store on Meadow Street in Ithaca are all completely different branches of the Staples Corporation and not to be confused with the College’s on-line Staples Business Advantage contract ordering system:

How to set up on-line ordering:

  1. At the Ithaca College homepage in Internet Explorer or Netscape, type in the URL:
  2. At the sign-in screen, type in the following:
    • Company Id: 0001004445001RCH
    • User Id: Type in your first initial and last name with no spaces
    • Password: Ithaca (Change your password ASAP for your protection. See instructions below.)
    • At the "Your Order: Purchase Information" page, type in the following required information
      • ADDRESS #3 DEPT. NAME: Type your department name
      • FLOOR: Type your room # 
  3. Click on the red “Log-in” to continue, and then click on the green “OK” on the next page until you reach the homepage.

How to place an order:

  • “Quick Order”: If you know the Staples item # and quantity you want, you may type it here (left side of homepage) to place a fast order. Please try to consolidate orders to at least a $25.00 minimum if you can.
  • “Search”: To access Ithaca College discount pricing (not printed catalog list pricing) or to search for an item by keyword or Staples item#, use the “GO” button (see left side of homepage).
  • “Shopping Lists”: To access College-approved plain paper & envelope purchases and to create your own personal shopping lists.
  • Click on the underlined item description or browse to see the Ithaca College discount price. Click on “Add to Order” if you wish to purchase and add this item to your shopping cart.
  1. Budget Center - will be pre-filled if you only have one account number on file or choose the account number you wish to charge if you have multiple account numbers.
  2. Ship To - type in your delivery location building name (space) then your room number
  3. Your college Procurement Card has been automatically embedded into the database for you so you don’t need to retype it each time you order.
  4. When you have completed all required information, click on “SUBMIT ORDER” to finalize and submit your order to Staples. Remember to print a copy of your order for your records.

Additional Notes:

  • Combine orders so that orders are at least a $25.00 minimum order.

  • Returns: You may also make automatic “no-hassle” returns on-line by clicking on “Returns” under “Order Management”.

  • Frequent Shopping Lists: You may create shopping lists of items regularly ordered so that you don’t have to re-type item numbers each time you order (great for printer and fax toners!). Click on “Help” at the top of the homepage for assistance in setting up “Shopping Lists”.

  •  To view your entire order at any time, change quantity, or cancel an item or entire order, click “View Order” at the top of the homepage.
  • To review past electronic orders, click on “Search for Order” under “Order Management” at the right of the homepage or call Wayne French.
  • Staples will rebate and credit $5.00 to your account automatically for all orders over $200.00.
  • If you have a large volume or a single expensive item to purchase through Staples, please call Wayne French to negotiate better pricing on your behalf.
  • Always log off your Staples ordering session when you have completed shopping.

Staples for Employees

The Ithaca College and Staples Business Advantage are pleased to provide a program that allows college staff and faculty to make personal purchases for home use (not departmental purchases) of office supplies from Staples Business Advantage at Ithaca College contract discount pricing. Items ordered will be paid with the employee’s personal credit card and will be delivered to their desktop next day.

How to place an order:

  • All personal purchases will be placed by phone only (no faxes or electronic on-line orders) to Staples to (800) 724-0110. You  must use the “Personal Purchase Worksheet” as your record of a personal purchase. Worksheets are available in the "Documents" portion of this website.
  • All personal purchases must be paid for using the employee’s personal credit card (no IC Purchasing Card, no invoicing). Item prices will be the current Ithaca College contract pricing.
  • All purchases will be charged 8.00% NYS sales tax. Employees will be informed of the total credit card charge plus tax at the time of the order.
  • All personal purchases will be delivered desktop to the employee at the IC address requested next business day unless special or back order item. No orders will be delivered to home addresses, no exceptions.
  • Any order problems or returns are to be handled directly with Staples Customer Service at (800) 724-0110. Ithaca College is not responsible for any order problems, damage or returns. Returns must be in original package in good condition with packing slip securely attached for credit.
  • Ithaca College or Staples Business Advantage reserves the right to cancel this program at any time.