About the Golden Doorknob Awards

Ithaca College professor emeritus of cinema and photography Gustav "Skip" Landen started the Golden Doorknob competition in 1970 and continued it until his retirement in 1991. Back in those days the films were silent, black and white, and all film students had the same assignment: make a very short film that presents the most imaginative way to kill someone with a doorknob.

The contest was revived in 2009.

2014 Winning Films

First Place: Broken Fate
By Robert Adler ’16, Skyler Bocciolatt ’16, Canon Brownell ’15, and Erin Nydick ’16

Second Place: Knob of the Beholder
By Clinton Butler ’15 and Jake Witterschein ’15

Third Place: Psycho
Bridget Moore '15 and Kate Wareham '15

Parkie 100: Operation Golden Doorknob
By Mikey Carlson, Josie Cyrus ’18, Luke Harbur ’18, Mary Herber ’17, Woody Minshew ’18, Grace Oliver ’18, Chelsea Rance ’18, Tyler Sapp ’18, and Stephanie Seiden ’18

Animation: Jennifer and the Bleeding Eyeball
Joseph Fasolino ’15

Producer's Pick: Rob the Doorknob
Josh Greenfield '16

2013 Winning Films:

The annual Golden Doorknob Awards was held in October 2013 to coincide with the 40th Anniversary Celebration of the Park School of Communications.

First Place: Happy Birthday
By: Breanna Espina ’15, Brian Felsenthal ’15, Rebecca Hersey ’15, Christopher Krake ’15, and James Majeau ’15

Second Place: Gerbert the Pervert
By: Benjamin Machan Howd ’14

Mini-Knob Award: Death Door 3000
By: Eric Bass ’16, Abigail Eichorn ’16, Danny Gessner ’14, Scott Owsley ’14, and Austen Saltz ’14

To view this year's entries, click here.


The winning films were also screened for critique by:

  • Bill Carraro ’81, executive producer, Tower Heist and The Adjustment Bureau
  • Dan Heffner ’78, executive producer, the SAW franchise
  • David Spiegelman ’80, president, domestic television & digital distribution at Relativity Media, LLC
  • Liz Tigelaar ’98, consulting producer for Revenge and creator of Life Unexpected


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