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Alyssa Schoenberg, '09, North Carolina A&T State UniversityIMC Alumni ProfilesAlyssa Schoenberg, '09, North Carolina A&T State University

IMC major Alyssa Schoenberg, class of ‘09, currently works as the Marketing Director for Dining Services at North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro, North Carolina. She works for a company called Sodexo, which is a food service and facilities management contractor. Sodexo is also the company that does the food service at Ithaca College, which is how she obtained this position through a marketing internship with Sodexo in the Terrace Dining Hall during her senior year.

Before Alyssa came to North Carolina A&T State University, the dining services program had no marketing department. Upon her arrival, she was charged with building the entire marketing department from the ground up, which included creating a unified brand, generating recognition among the campus community, and beginning campaigns to help sell meal plans and increase retail sales. Another important aspect of her job is to help bring new retail concepts to campus by doing research on various brands, creating franchise agreements and eventually opening the locations.

In her time at North Carolina A&T, Alyssa has more than doubled voluntary meal plan sales, increased transactions among retail units by 104,000 per year, and increased overall customer satisfaction by 16%. In addition to this, she has generated campus-wide excitement about dining services through interactive events and promotions, and by helping to improve the program. Alyssa recently found out that the bi-annual report she wrote for the university was accepted by Sodexo as the new company standard for client reports. This is quite a feat considering Sodexo has 125,000 employees in North America operating at over 6,000 accounts.

Alyssa says: “I truly believe that without my four years at Ithaca College, I would be lost in my current position. I would not have obtained this position if it were not for Ithaca College because my internship on campus led directly into this career! Additionally, being that I am the only marketing coordinator with Sodexo at North Carolina A&T, I am therefore the entire marketing department. If I did not receive training in all areas of business and communications, I would not be able to do this job. Every time I speak with a high school student or the parents of one who is interested in enrolling in a marketing program in college, I immediately tell them to look at Ithaca College. I explain how receiving this well-rounded education that covered everything I would need to know in order to succeed has helped me. I also explain the difference between Integrated Marketing Communications versus other more narrow marketing programs and how Ithaca is much more comprehensive.”

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