The Catholic Community at Ithaca College


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We, a campus parish of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester, New York, are a faith community whose mission is to help students, and all who come to us, discover the spirit, joy, and love of God in everyday life.

Our Director of Campus Ministry, Father Carsten P. Martensen, S.J., leads the community with the assistance of the student-led Visioning Team and other student volunteers.  His office and the office of the student interns are located on the lower level of Muller Chapel, on either side of the small Eucharistic meditation chapel.  Fr. Carsten and the interns enjoy impromptu visits and are available to listen, dialogue, and socialize.  Stop in and say hello!

We hope you will feel comfortable exploring what the Catholic Community at Ithaca College has to offer.  As a faith community, we are enriched by your presence.  May you experience God's love and grace during your time here at Ithaca College.

Have a Wonderful Winter Break; Updates and News:

  • Full Sunday Mass Schedule 1PM & 8PM With Mass and Mingles!
    This Sunday we are returning with our full Sunday Mass Schedule. We'll be having Mass at 1PM and 8PM on Sunday. After both Masses we'll be having free food. Feel free to hang out, grab a bagel and reminisce with old friends while meeting new friends!

  • New Weekday Mass Schedule
    We have the opportunity to add two more weekday Masses to our weekly Mass schedule. As well as our normal Tuesday 8AM Mass and Thursday 6PM Fireside Mass we'll also be having Mass every Monday at 12:15 PM as well as Wednesday at 11:15 AM. We would love to see you there!

  • Interested in Spiritual Direction? Sr. Donna and Sr. Marylin Return Jan 27th
    Are you looking for spiritual direction or interested in talking with a sister? Sr. Donna and Sr. Marilyn are returning on the evening of Tues, Jan 27th and the morning of Wed, Jan 28th for one on one gatherings for spiritual direction and conversation. Email Andrew at for more information

  • Fireside Mass and Soup Supper Return Thursday at 6PM
    Our weekly Fireside Mass and Soup Supper are back! We'll be having Mass at 6PM as well as Soup Supper that starts right after Mass at 7PM. We also are offering Confessions starting at 5PM. Feel free to come to as much as you can, we would love to see you there!

  • Interested In Joining Our Music Ministry?
    If you're interested in singing in our choirs or serving as a musician email Anna at We are always looking for more musicians and singers to join our beautiful choir!

  • We Want You! To Be A Liturgical Minister
    Would you be interested in reading, greeting, or being an extraordinary minister of the Eucharist? We are always looking for more people who want to serve at Mass and would love to have you! If you're interested email Dave at

  • Interested in Receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation?
    There is still time if you are interested in receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation this Spring. We have a dynamic RCIA program hosted by our associate director Joseph Mazzawi. You can get in touch with him at