James J. Whalen Academic Symposium

20th Annual James J. Whalen Academic Symposium 

        April 13, 2017

The James J. Whalen Academic Symposium celebrates the tradition of student and faculty collaboration in research and creative activity at Ithaca College and providesstudents the opportunity to present thesis projects and independent research, or original creative work in the arts, including music, theater, film, and two- and three-dimensional. Attended by students, faculty, and the larger community, the Symposium is a high point in the academic year.

                                                                              Award Winners for the 2017 James J. Whalen Academic Symposium

Posters H & S

Claire Cahoon - Toby Dragon, faculty mentor

Parsing Personality: Using Data Analysis to Interpret Different Points of View in a Literary Text

Posters HSHP

Zachary Finer, Natalie Knight, Joseph Ricotta - Rumit Singh Kakar and Joshua Tome, faculty mentors

The Effects of Age and Running Speed on Angular Displacements of the Spine During Treadmill Running            


Marguerite Kaminski - David Flanagan, faculty mentor

Prejudice and Emotion in the Execution of Socrates         

Abigail McMahon - Katharine Kittredge, faculty mentor

I Wanna Be Like You: Comparing the Jungle Books by Rudyard Kipling to Disney's Film Adaptions              

Julia Plato - David Flanagan, faculty mentor

Classical Athenian Drama’s Reaction to The Treatment of Women

School of Business

Legal Studies, Marketing, Finance, Sustainable Enterprise, Sport Management Media

Nicole Mary Ang - Marlene Barken, faculty mentor

From Victim to Victimizer: The Case of Dominic Ongwen               


School of Communications

Ross Bialowas - Jack Powers, faculty mentor

A Better System for Evaluating Brand Consistency Between Shows and Networks            


School of H & S

Biology/Environmental Studies

Colette Piasecki-Masters - Susan Witherup, faculty mentor

Comparison of Sugars and Amino Acids in Nectar From Scaevola Taccada and Scaevola Plumieri   


Communication Studies/Education/Gender Studies

John Jacobson - Carla Golden, faculty mentor

#GirlsLikeUs: The Development of Femme Identities in the (Auto)biographies of Janet Mock and Miss Major, Black Trans Women   


Chanel Underwood - Sean Eversley Bradwell, faculty mentor

The Wealth Gap: The Social Injustice of Internal Colonialism



Kaleb Cabisca - Karin Breuer, faculty mentor      

The Press, Public Opinion, and the Foreign Office: Developing the Bosnian Crisis of 1908

Math/Computer Science

Kenneth F. Potts - Doug Turnbull, faculty mentor

Modeling Market Return Distributions


Ryan Fedora - Michael "Bodhi" Rogers, faculty mentor

Using Drone-based Photogrammetry to Supplement Ground-based 3D Laser Scanning for Historic Preservation                

Writing/English/Philosophy and Religion/MLL

Justin Henry - Anthony DiRenzo, faculty mentor

"Corporatizing" College: The story of ideological divide at Ithaca College               

Kaitlyn Matrassi - Mat Fournier, faculty mentor

The Paradox of the Veil: Muslim Women and French Secularism

School of HSHP

Exercise & Sport Sciences/Athletic Training/Health Promotion & Physical Education

Jacob Powell - Patrick McKeon, faculty mentor

Branching Out From Alzheimer, the Cases That Shaped Our Understanding of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy

Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy/Psychology

Lindsey Adelstein, Jamie Kronenberg - Rumit Singh Kakar, faculty mentor

Rhythmic Auditory Stimulation and its Effects on Gait Asymmetries and Function in a Patient with Young-Onset Parkinson's Disease: A Case Report With 2-month Follow Up

Visual Performance or Creative Presentation

Cinema/Doc Studies/TVR/Communication Studies

Ilyssa Ernsteen - Chrystyna Dail, faculty mentor

Theatre Praxis: Using Performance to Educate about Deaf Culture

School of Music

Madeleine Parkes - Sara Haefeli, faculty mentor

Theory of the Transcendental


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