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Dan Smolen '83Dan Smolen '83
Founder of Green Suits LLC

Dan Smolen ’83 graduated from the Park School as a TV-R major. During his time at Ithaca, there were no sustainability programs, so he was not really involved, but that changed through his interest in local politics, where much of the advocacy was environmental. Dan founded Green Suits LLC, a recruitment firm and social community, and is now a nationally recognized executive recruiter in marketing, marketing insights, and “green business.” He is also a serial entrepreneur, marketing specialist, environmental and public policy activist, former chairman of the Stafford County Virginia Democratic Committee, and is author of "Tailoring the Green Suit: Empowering Yourself for an Executive Career in the New Green Economy.” Quite the impressive resume!

Looking back at Ithaca, Dan contributes his most useful experiences to his teachers in the Park School, including the late Howard S. Cogan, who he says was a great help. On a side note, Howard created Ithaca is Gorges, one of the oldest and most important eco-tourism campaigns. Dan hopes Green Suits will become the leading voice and advocate for executives entering sustainability and CSR careers. Dan encourages Ithaca students to “follow your bliss. Do pursue your dreams of a career which builds profits, saves the planet, and empowers people.”