November 11th, 2016 at 5pm was the deadline for requesting a tutor, but....

where possible, we can add students to existing groups. Also, professors' office hours and TA review sessions are key resources to support your success.  

Friday, December 9th, 2016 is the last day of classes and the last day of tutoring.  


Tips to Help You Prepare for Final Exams:

  • AVOID CRAMMING!  It causes anxiety. Begin preparing for finals now. Study the material in 20-50 minute intervals, giving yourself 5-10 minutes in between for rest.  This is more beneficial than cramming.  Distributed learning over time benefits longer term retention and reduces stress. 

  • EXERCISE!  Twenty minutes of cardio can improve your memory!  Dance, jog, walk, or exercise to increase your energy level and reduce the effects of stress.

  • EAT HEALTHY!  A study from the University of Oxford showed that what you eat a week in advance of your exams is important!  Sixteen students were tested on attention and thinking speed, then fed a five-day, high fat, low-carb diet heavy on meat, eggs, cheese and cream.  When tested again, their performance declined.  The students who ate a balanced diet that included fruits and vegetables held steady.

  • FIND A NEW LOCATION TO STUDY!  Break up the routine and try alternate spaces such as the library, a quiet coffee house, or other designated location with a window and no clutter.

  • AVOID DISTRACTIONS!  No texting, going on Facebook, or surfing!  Also stay away from distracting personalities that take your attention away from your work

  • PRACTICE!  PRACTICE!  PRACTICE!  When possible, take advantage of opportunities to take practice tests!

  • STUDY MATERIAL THAT HAS NOT BEEN DISCUSSED!  This is often where points are missed. Be sure to read and study all assigned materials.

  • NO ALL NIGHTERS!  This will make you tired, anxious, and forgetful.  Findings from a 2008 study at St. Lawrence University showed that all-nighters impair reasoning and memory for as long as 4 days!  As a result, you may receive lower grades. 

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