Friday, November 6th was the last day to request tutoring for Fall semester. 

►If your academic difficulties are great (e.g. mid-term grade of C- or below in a course), we are asking you to meet with your course professor as soon as possible!  

►Your professor will be able to assist you in determining how to improve your grades and can answer questions about how to approach course material in more effective ways!  

►Ithaca faculty want students to succeed!

Spring Semester 2016 Tutoring Groups: We want you to be successful!   

►Stay tuned for announcements regarding EARLY requests for tutoring in specified, high needs courses! 

►During Spring 2016, there will be more opportunities for study skills assistance!


Have you thought about the benefits of group momentum?

►Group accountability can help to mitigate individual PROCRASTINATION!

►You may be able to LEARN BETTER by thinking things out with others!

►You can LEARN NEW STUDY STRATEGIES from others!  

►Working in groups can help you CONQUER THE  FEAR of facing challenging alone or failing a course!  

►By studying together, you have a PEER GROUP that can PREPARE FOR EXAMS together!  

There are many more benefits!  Try it!  You'll see!  


This mission of Tutoring Services is to promote excellence and student achievement at Ithaca College.  We are one of four academic support offices in the Center for Academic Advancement that reports to the Office of the Associate Provost for Diversity, Inclusion and Student Engagement at Ithaca College.  The other three offices are:  The Academic Advising Center; the Office of State Grants; and Student Accessibility Services.