Welcome to Fall Semester 2015!  

We begin taking requests for tutoring on Wednesday, September 2nd!  To ensure your success, there are a few things you need to do before we can assign you to a tutoring group!   

►View the Orientation to Tutoring Video.

► After you have watched the video, complete the online Registration for Tutoring.  Within it you will find the Contract for Mutual Understanding. 

►The registration for tutoring is separate/different from your request for tutoring.  

►After you have completed the steps listed above, you can make your online Request for Tutoring!

       Attention First Year Students!

►We're asking you to attend at least 1 (one) September Study Skills Workshop offered by the Academic Advising Center before we can place you with a tutor!  These workshops take place during a two-week period in September.  Check the Advising Center website for a schedule and email advisingcenter@ithaca.edu to sign up asap and before spaces fill up!  

►Also, check with your Ithaca Seminar (ICSM) instructor to see if your class may be attending!

If you are unable to attend the September sessions, schedule an individual appointment at the Academic Advising Center to discuss study skills so that you can be assigned to a tutoring group. 



This mission of Tutoring Services is to promote excellence and student achievement at Ithaca College.  We are one of four academic support offices in the Center for Academic Advancement that reports to the Office of the Associate Provost for Diversity, Inclusion and Student Engagement at Ithaca College.  The other three offices are:  The Academic Advising Center; the Office of State Grants; and Student Accessibility Services.