Welcome Spring 2016!

Monday, February 1st is the first day to request tutoring for the semester.  Friday, April 1st is the last day of the semester to request tutoring. 

►If you earned grades of C- or below in a course, and you are taking the follow up course (e.g., we are asking you to meet with your course professor as soon as possible!  

►If you are a first year student and this will be your first time using our services, we are asking you to attend a Study Skills Workshop offered by the Academic Advising Center.  Registration information will be available soon!

►If you are interested in tutoring for CHEMISTRY 112 or CHEMISTRY 221, you are REQUIRED to attend a special session:  HOW TO STUDY CHEMISTRY AT ITHACA.  Registration information will be available soon!  

►Before filing a request for tutoring, you must complete the Registration for Tutoring (once per semester).  

►Once you have submitted your Registration for Tutoring form, you can submit a Request for Tutoring (one request per course).  If your course is not on our list of supported courses, you will need to submit a Special Request.

Spring Semester 2016 Study Groups: We want you to be successful!   

►Need something "hands-on" but not quite like tutoring?  We hope that you will join THE MOVEMENT:  STUDY GROUPS AT ITHACA COLLEGE!  Sign up on our website!  

Have you thought about the benefits of group momentum?

►Group accountability can help to mitigate individual PROCRASTINATION!

►You may be able to LEARN BETTER by thinking things out with others!

►You can LEARN NEW STUDY STRATEGIES from others!  

►Working in groups can help you CONQUER THE  FEAR of facing challenging alone or failing a course!  

►By studying together, you have a PEER GROUP that can PREPARE FOR EXAMS together!  

There are many more benefits!  Try it!  You'll see!  


This mission of Tutoring Services is to promote excellence and student achievement at Ithaca College.  We are one of three academic support offices in the Center for Academic Advancement that reports to the Office of the Associate Provost for Diversity, Inclusion and Student Engagement at Ithaca College.  The other offices are:  The Academic Advising Center and Student Accessibility Services.