Update on tutoring after midterms:

We are currently experiencing a high volume of tutoring requests in many courses and our tutoring groups are filling quickly or at capacity.  As required, we are encouraging all students to visit their professors' office hours and attend TA review sessions or drop-in tutoring as they are available!  This is your very first line of defense!  

We will try to place you with a small group or with individual tutors, but due to the time in the semester, we cannot guarantee placement.  We will, however, assist you with setting up study groups with your peers who have also requested tutoring!

Friday, November 4th is the last day of the semester to request a tutor. 


Do I need to pay for tutoring services?

  • Free Tutoring: There are no charges for tutoring offered through our office!  Services are free to all currently enrolled Ithaca College students!

What do I need to do to join a tutoring group?

  • Orientation: View the Orientation to Tutoring video on our website at Ithaca.edu/tutoring.  It is shown on right hand column of the front page screen. 
  • Registration: After viewing, complete the annual online Registration form.  The form includes the Contract for Mutual Understanding.  Read it carefully!  This information, along with your dedicated commitment, is key to your success.
  • Study Skills Support: If you are a first year student, you must register for and attend at least one (1) September Study Skills workshop offered by the Academic Advising Center.  

Information regarding workshops can be found at ithaca.edu/advising/events/.  You can register via email: advisingcenter@ithaca.edu.   

After the workshops have ended, you can schedule an individual appointment with an advisor at the AAC to discuss study skills.  Call the AAC at 607-274-1001.

Not a first year student?  Still need study skills support? Contact the AAC!

After completing the steps above, what’s next?

  • Thursday, September 1, 2016:  This is the first day for online requests for tutoring.  Go to ithaca.edu/tutoring/request.  Don’t wait! Groups fill quickly! 
  • Classmates: If you have classmates that you would like to join your group, list their names and we’ll try to place you together if they have also made a request for tutoring.  Placement with classmates is not guaranteed.
  • Special Course Requests:  If you need tutoring for a course that is not one of our standard offerings, use the Special Course Request Form.  Type in the department name and course number.  We will work closely with faculty to get the assistance you need.  
  • Acknowledgement:  After you submit your online request, you will get an immediate acknowledgement by email.  If you do not receive this e-mail, it means that you have not properly completed the form and we will not receive your request.  You will need to check for errors and resubmit the form.  
  • Online Acceptance:  Although we welcome your phone calls, visits, and emails to ask questions about tutoring, your formal request for tutoring must be submitted using our online form.  

What happens after I submit my online request?

  • Tutor Contact Information: You will receive contact information for your tutor by email within 2-3 business days.  Always check your email.  Our response time may be a bit longer at the beginning of semester, during midterms, etc..
  • 24 Hour Response Window: Contact your tutor within 24 business hours, introduce yourself, and plan meeting times.  Your tutor will also reach out to you and other group members to begin to coordinate sessions.  

How will I be assigned to tutoring?

  • First Come/First Served: Students are primarily assigned to tutoring groups in the order that requests are received.
  • Tutor Capacity: When tutor capacities are filled, we may refer you back to your professors, teaching assistants, or to other campus resources. 

Where does peer tutoring take place?

  • Location of Sessions: Tutoring takes place in Rothschild Place, and in other approved public campus locations.  Tutoring is not permitted in residence hall rooms, campus apartments, or at any off-campus locations.

What if I need individual help with academic skills like note-taking, time management, and reading comprehension?

  • Peer Tutor Role: Tutors work with you on course material and learning strategies for a specific course. 
  • Professional Advisors: The Academic Advising Center (AAC) is here to assist you with academic skills for college success!  Call 607-274-1001 for an appointment, or simply visit the AAC during walk-in hours.  For complete information, see ithaca.edu/advising.

Are there other tutoring programs on campus?

What if I have concerns about my tutor or the tutoring arrangement?

         Contact:  Yolanda Clarke, Manager of Tutoring

         Email us:  tutoring@ithaca.edu

         For an appointment: Call 607-274-3381