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At this point there are three weeks left. Anxiety is rising: among students who face assignments and/or graduating, among faculty who face supporting and assessing the students' work, among everyone who is experiencing Spring Fever or Senioritis. And then there is After: the scholarly work we delayed until the semester quieted down, the life events we might face in the summer, the farewells.

How do you handle the end of the semester? I was always extremely aware that the particular group of people would never exist again. Whatever dynamic had been established in the class made it unique and I can still summon sense memories of classes decades ago. Generally I tried to honor the group in some way. Every person in the class affected it, and I tried to do activities that led people to acknowledge the connections they'd made with others.

Ken Bain, the author of What the Best College Teachers Do, has an entry on his web page with some ideas.

What do you do?

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We all have many kinds of thoughts about diversity, like

  • What does it mean? In what context? For what purpose?
  • How does thinking about diversity happen in my discipline?
  • What have I done to make my teaching more inclusive? Where do I feel really nervous about it?
  • Could there be such a thing as multicultural curriculum at Ithaca College?
  • What do I think about some of the questions at Ithaca College that relate to diversity?

And since we are scholars, we approach them as scholars. We frame a question; we think about approaches to answering it; we explore applications or examples of the possible answers; we reflect on our experiences; we put our ideas out in conversations; we listen to others; we keep the cycle going. That is not so different from scholarship in our disciplines.

But we don't think of it as scholarship. I'm on a campaign to help us recognize that it is. The Ithaca Faculty Commons is about our exchange as scholars. We have opportunities for public presentations of our thinking, such as the 2010 May Faculty Institute. We have resources, and can help each other, to adapt those presentations for a wider public in person, in print, or online.

The Diversity and Learning conversation is stimulated by the Friday March 12 workshop; if you can't come you can participate from your computer; if you miss it, it will be archived. Participants will be able to link together in online and face to face groups to plan presentations for the May 25 Faculty Institute. Stay tuned!

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The syllabus, whether paper, electronic, or both, is an extremely central element of a course. Check out the Syllabus Resources on the CFE web site. Please comment if you have any tips.

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Panel and discussion about teaching large-format classes on Thursday, November 12, 12:10-1:00 in the Park Auditorium. The challenge of engaging students in active learning while in lecture halls of over 100 can be daunting. Basic course management can be overwhelming. Join a faculty-student panel who will open the discussion with their observations and experiences of best practices. The presentations are available to Ithaca College faculty through iTunesU at the Ithaca College section or this direct link.

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Faculty Excellence Award recipients for 2009 are listed here. More information is linked here and the descriptions of recipients can be downloaded on the Faculty Recognition page.

  • Hongwei Guan, Assistant Professor, Department of Health Promotion and Physical Education
  • Bruce Henderson, Professor, Department of Speech Communication
  •  Cynthia Scheibe, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
  •  Ellen J. Staurowsky, Professor, Department of Sport Management and Media
  • Susan Swensen, Associate Professor, Department of Biology

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