The Center for the Study of Culture, Race, and Ethnicity (CSCRE) delivers a curriculum focused primarily on the experiences of African-, Latino/a-, Asian-, and Native-American (ALANA) people in the U.S., who are marginalized, under-represented and/ or, misrepresented in the normative curriculum.  CSCRE also fosters critical dialogues on race through its Discussion Series* which brings several speakers, artists, and performers to Ithaca each year. This dual focus is meant to help students develop a comprehensive understanding of the multiracial and polycultural world in which we live.

*For more information on the Center's yearlong Discussion Series, please visit: www.ithaca.edu/cscre/CSCREDS/

CSCRE Minors:
The Center's minors in African Diaspora, Asian American, Latino/a, and Native American Studies cover a broad range of subjects, from the historically constructed and contested nature of individual identities to issues of cultural and historical representation, social justice, and struggles for racial redress.  When possible, courses rely on comparative and historical approaches and combine epistemological /theoretical concerns with an analysis of “real-life” problems so that students have a contextual knowledge of the issues they are studying.

Requirements for the minors: six courses (*18 credit hours), two from Conceptual Frameworks and one each from the other four categories: Comparative and International, Culture and History, Policy and Praxis, and Power and Liberation.

* Native American Studies minors must take an additional 3 hours in a Capstone Experience category (21 credits).

Please click here for: Minors' Course Lists


The Center is pleased to announce the hiring of Dr. Michael Taylor for the 2015-2016 academic year. Dr. Taylor received a Ph.D. from Syracuse University in the Social Science Program and B.A, M.A. from SUNY Buffalo in Native American Studies. He specializes in Native American Studies and Anthropology, and in 2013 published his book, Contesting Constructed Indian-ness: The Intersection of the Frontier, Masculinity, and Whiteness in Native American Mascot Representations  (Lexington Books).

Courses Fall 2015:






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