Selected Repertoire for Saxophone
Steven Mauk

These are the works considered by Dr. Mauk as "standard repertoire" for saxophonists studying at the Ithaca College School of Music. Students are encourage to explore works outside this list, especially those reflecting the best new compositions for saxophone. The pieces are graded on a 1-6 difficulty scale, with 1 being easiest and 6 being most difficult. Many of these compositions are also found on the New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA) competition lists.

SOPRANO SAXOPHONE (with piano unless indicated otherwise)
Bach, J.S./Harle  Sonata in G Minor  5
Bach, J.S./Leonard  Sonata in Eb Major  5
Bach, J.S./Brown  Aria, from Organ Pastorale in F, BWV 590 4
Bennett, Richard Rodney  Sonata 5
Caravan, Ronald  Sonata 6
Feld, Jindrich  Sonata 6
Hartley, Walter  Diversions 5
Hartley, Walter  Sonata 5
Platti/Rousseau  Sonata 5
Ravel/Viard  Piece en forme de Habenera  4
Rogers, Rodney  Lesson of the Sky  6
Schmidt, Williams  Sonatina 5
Schumann/Mauk Three Romances  4
Singelée, Jean Baptiste  Caprice, Op. 80  4
Singelée, Jean Baptiste  Fantasie, Op. 89  4
Solomon, Melvin  Sonatina 6
Telemann/Londeix  Sonate 4
Villa-Lobos, Heitor  Fantasia (also w/orch.)  6
Young, Charles Rochester  Sonata 5
Wilson, Dana  Luminescence 5
Wilson, Dana  Calling, Ever Calling (w/band or orchestra)  5
Woodward, Gregory Angels in the Rain 6

ALTO SAXOPHONE (with piano unless indicated otherwise)
Albright, William Sonata 6
Amram, David Ode to Lord Buckley (w/band or orch.) 6
Bach, J.S./Mule 6th Sonate 5
Bach, J.S./Harle Sonata in G Minor 5
Badings, Henk La Malinconia 4-5
Benson, Warren Aeolian Song (from Concertino) 5
Boutry, Roger Divertimento 6
Bozza, Eugene Aria 4
Creston, Paul Concerto (also w/band or orch) 6
Creston, Paul Sonata 6
Dahl, Ingolf Concerto 6
Demersseman, Jules Le Carnaval de Vinise (arr. by Hemke) 5
Denisov, Edison Sonate 6
Desenclos, Alfred Prelude, Cadence et Finale 6
Dressel, Erwin Partita 5
Dubois, Pierre-Max  Concerto (also w/orch) 6
Feld, Jindrich Sonata 6
Glazounov, Alexandre Concerto (also w/orch.) 5
Gotkovsky, Ida Brillance 6
Grainger, Percy Molly on the Shore (arr. by Cohen) 5
Handel/Mule 1st Sonate 4
Handel/Mule 4th Sonate 4
Handel/Rascher Sonata No. 3 4
Harbison, John San Antonio 6
Hartley, Walter Duo 6
Heiden, Bernhard Sonata 5
Hindemith, Paul Sonata 5
Husa, Karel Concerto (w/band) 6
Husa, Karel Elegie et Rondeau (also w/orch) 6
Ibert, Jacques Concertino da Camera (also w/chamber orch.) 6
Jolivet, André Fantasie-Impromptu 5
Joly, Denis Cantilene et Danse 4
Kilstofte, Mark Sonata 6
Koechlin, Charles 15 Etudes 3-5
Lantier, Pierre Sicilienne 4
Lennon, John Anthony Distances Within Me 6
Lunde, Lawson Sonata 5
Maslanka, David Sonata 6
Martin, Frank Ballade (also w/orch.) 6
Mauk, Steven (arranger) Medici Masterworks for Alto Saxophone, Vol.2 1-4
Maurice, Paule Tableaux de Provence (w/orch) 6
Milhaud, Darius  Scaramouche (also w/orch.)  6
Muczynksi, Robert  Sonata 6
Rorem, Ned  Picnic on the Marne  5
Rueff, Jeannine  Chanson et Passepied  4
Schmidt, Florent Légende, Op. 66 6
Schumann/Hemke  Three Romances  4
Tcherepnine, Alexandre Sonatine Sportive 5
Teal, Larry (arranger)  Program Solos  3-5
Teal, Larry (arranger)  Solos for the Alto Saxophone Player  3-5
Tomasi, Henri  Concerto (also w/orch.)  6
Tull, Fischer  Sarabande and Gigue  5
van Delden, Lex Sonatina 5
Wilson, Dana Time Cries, Hoping Otherwise (also w/band) 6
Woods, Phil  Sonata (includes jazz improvisation)  6
Yasinitsky, Greg Sixth Sense 5

TENOR SAXOPHONE (with piano unless indicated otherwise)
Ben-Haim, Paul Three Songs Without Words 4
Caravan, Ronald Quiet Time 5
Chopin/Houlik Largo (in Two Lyric Pieces) 3
Cunningham, Michael Trigon, Op. 31 5
Debussy/Houlik Beau Soir (in Two Lyric Pieces  3
Demersseman, Jules Premier Solo  4
Di Pasquale, James  Sonata 6
Duckworth, William  Ballad in Time and Space  5
Duckworth, William  Pitt County Excursions  6
Gould, Morton  Diversions 6
Hartley, Walter  Concertino 6
Hartley, Walter  Poem 4
Hartley, Walter  Sonata 6
Hartley, Walter  Scherzino 5
Karlins, William  Music for Tenor Saxophone  6
Lacour, Guy Pièce Concertante (also w/orch.) 6
Mauk, Steven (arranger)  Medici Masterworks for Tenor Saxophone,Vol.2  1-4
Presser, William  Rhapsody 4
Presser, William  Sonatina 5
Schmidt, William  Sonatina 5
Senaille Allegro Spirituoso  4
Singelée, Jean Baptiste  Adagio et Rondo  4
Teal, Larry (arr.)  Solos for the Tenor Saxophone Player  3-5
Tomasi, Henri Chant Corse 3
Vivaldi, Antonio Sonata in G Minor (arr. by Rascher) 4
Ward, Robert  Concerto (also w/orch.)  6
Weiner, Lawrence  Etude 4

BARITONE SAXOPHONE (with piano unless indicated otherwise)
Anderson, Garland Sonata 5
Caravan, Ronald Sonata 6
Hartley, Walter Little Sonata 5
Hartley, Walter Sonata 6
Presser, William Prelude 4
Singelée, Jean Baptiste Sept Solo Concert  4
Schmidt, William Rondoletto 4
Schmidt, William Sonata 5
Worley, John Sonata 5-6

Bach,J.S./Ricker Cello Suites No. 1 & 3  5
Bach,J.S. Partita in A Minor (flute version-Barenreiter) 5
Bonneau, Paul Caprice en forme de valse 6
Bozza, Eugene Improvisation et Caprice 5
Bozza, Eugene Piece Breve 6
Caravan, Ronald Bach for Saxophone (collection of unaccompanied violin, flute & cello works) 3-5
Caravan, Ronald Improvisation (T) 5
Caravan, Ronald Monologue 6
Caravan, Ronald Sketch for Alto Saxophone 5
Couf, Herbert  Introduction, Dance & Furioso 5
Gates, Everett Incantation & Ritual 4
Hartley, Walter  Petite Suite  5
Kupferman, Meyer 10 Light Caprices (collection) 4-5
Lacour, Guy Étude de Concert 5
Lennon, John Anthony  Aeterna 6
Maurice, Paule  Volio  5
Morosco, Vincent Blue Caprice (combines classical & jazz; no improv.) 5
Noda, Ryo  Improvisation I  5
Noda, Ryo  Improvisation II & III (printed together)  4-5
Noda, Ryo MAI 5
Noda, Ryo  Phoenix 5
Pagannini/Rossi  Caprice 6
Tomasi, Henri Evocations 5
Tower, Joan  Wings 6
Tull, Fischer Threnody 5
Wilson, Dana We Sing to Each Other  6

SAXOPHONE DUETS (AA unless otherwise indicated) 
Bach, J.S./Teal  Two Part Inventions (AA,TT, or AT)  4-5
Bennett, Richard Rodney  Conversations 4
Dubois, Pierre-Max  Six Caprices 4-6
Ferling, W. 3 Concert Duets (in etude books by Southern and Caravan) 3-4
Galante, Steven Saxosounds III 5
Gates, Everett  Odd Meter Duets  3-5
Hartley, Walter Duo Sonata (S/B) 5
Harvey, Paul  Concert Duets (AT) 3-4
Hindemith, Paul  Konzertstück (Concert Piece) 6
Kuhlau/Teal 3 Concert Duets 4
Lamb, John David Six Barefoot Dances 5
Lunde, Lawson Sonata (AT) 4
Meyer, James 30 Changing Meter Duets (for treble clef instruments) 4-6
Smith Mood Music II 4-5
Telemann/Teal  Six Canonic Sonatas  4
Tull, Fischer  Dialogue (AT)  4
Voxman, Himie (arr.)  Selected Duets, Volume I  1-4
Voxman, Himie (arr.)  Selected Duets, Volume II 3-5

Absil, Jean  Suite d'aprés le Folklore Roumain, Op. 90  5
Bach/Powel  Aria and Badinerie  4
Beethoven/Frascotti  Allegro Molto Quasi Presto  5
Boccherini/Calliet  Minuet 4
Bozza, Eugene  Andante et Scherzo  5
Bozza, Eugene  Nuages 5
Cohan/Nagle  George M. Cohan Medley  4
Cohen, Paul (arr.)  Rennaissance Book  3-4
Debussy/Teal  Andante et Vif  5
Dedrick, Chris  Sensitivity 4
Desenclos, Alfred  Quatour 6
Dubois, Pierre-Max  Quatuor 5
Français, Jean Petit  Quatuor 5
Gershwin/Perconti  Rialto Ripples  4
Glazounov, Alexandre  Quartet, Op. 109  5
Goldstein, Perry
Motherless Child Variations
Handel/Fourmeau  The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba  4
Howland, Russell  Quartets No. 1 & 2  5
Jeanjean, F. & M.  Quatuor 5
Joplin & Turpin/Frackenpohl  Ragtime Suite  4
Kechley, David
Stepping Out
Lennon/Ricker  When I’m Sixty-Four  4
Marshall, Jack  The Goldrush Suite  5
Peck, Russell  Drastic Measures  5
Piazzolla/Delangle  Histoire du Tango  5
Ricker, Ramon  Variations on a Theme by Sweelinck  5
Rivier, Jean  Grave et Presto  6
Scarlatti/Hemke  Sonata No. 44  4
Schubert/Teal  Andante, Op. 29 4
Singelée, Jean Baptiste  Premier Quatuor  5
Teal, Larry (arr.)  Ten Saxophone Quartets  2-5
Ticheli, Frank  Back Burner  6
Williams/Nagle  That's A-Plenty  5
Wilson, Dana  Come Sunday Mornin' 5
Wilson, Dana  Escape to the Center  6
Wilson, Dana  Howling at the Moon 6
Woods, Phil  Three Improvisations  5