Pegasys Awards


Contributed by Eloise Greene

Four ICTV programs received Pegasys awards in the 17th annual Ithaca Time Warner Cable competition.

The awards recognized local productions cablecast in 2002 on the public, educational and governmental access channels. Station manager Stefan Tannenbaum '04 and news director Cayle Thompson '03 accepted the awards February 28 at the televised event.

News/Informational category
"Newswatch 16" cablecast live on 3/26/02. Jeff Saperstone '03 was 2002 news director.

Comedy/Variety category
“How May I Help You?” a sitcom written and produced by James Wolan '03, telecast in Fall, 2002. Religion/Philosophy category
“Ultimate Utopia,” telecast 9/14/02, a magazine program produced by Jenny Marsella ’04.

Arts/Event catagory
"Magic Through Time" a multi-camera recording of Bill Heh’s magic show with dance troupe produced by Adam Levy '04 and Alex Pryor '03 last Spring

Submitted by Eloise Greene 3/3/03