2004 C.P. Snow Scholar Award Contest Announced


Contributed by Jack Rossen

Do you have a student whose career at Ithaca College has been based on a perspective that bridges science and humanities? Does that student believe that sciences and humanities can and should be integrated? If so, he or she may be a candidate for the C. P. Snow Scholar Award.

The award, which includes a certificate and $500, recognizes a student who has successfully combined scientific and humanistic studies at Ithaca College. Presentation of the award will be made on March 24, 2004, at the C.P. Snow Lecture of Bill McKibben.

C.P. Snow was a British philosopher, physicist, biographer, novelist, and social critic who believed that the lack of communication between mainstream scientists, social scientists, and humanists was the greatest obstacle to social progress. Each year, Ithaca College sponsors a lecture series and student award that honor this principle.

1. Applications are made by faculty nomination or by student self-nomination.
2. The student must show an interdisciplinary humanities and science orientation.
3. Two letters of recommendation from faculty
4. Minimum 3.0 GPA (submit transcript)
5. A 1,000-word essay that should discuss how sciences and humanities may be integrated and how you have accomplished this perspective

Deadline: Submit applications to Jack Rossen, 102 Gannett, Anthropology Department, or contact Jack for more information at 4-3326. Applications must be received by FRIDAY, MARCH 5, 2004.

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    Contributed by Jack Rossen