Planning Catering for 2005-6


Contributed by David Prunty

As the Ithaca College community begins planning for the 2005-6 budget process, please remember to account for changes in pricing for all your catering and event planning needs.

For 2005-6, the basic increase for all catering services will be 5%.

Please be advised that the Dining Services and Conference and Event Services staff are constantly reviewing prices and trends to ensure that all internal catering services are a "break-even" endeavor for the College. Due to numerous and significant external factors (hurricanes in Florida, gas prices that impact shipping costs, health care costs, etc), the internal catering menu is a constantly changing document, and some service options and items may see a much more significant increase than 5% during the course of the year.

As always, please contact the Office of Conference and Event Services as early as possible to begin planning your events, and to receive price quotes for catering services. Our event planners can work with you to develop menus that help control costs.

Please also remember to use Casual Catering when you do not need full service catering. Casual Catering is a less expensive option when you are able to pick up your own food and supplies.

Contributed by David Prunty