Carpooling -- Every Day or Occasionally


Contributed by Barbara Terrell

Need a ride? Want to save money as well as wear and tear on your vehicle? Take a look at the new Intercom topic, "Carpooling."

First, for security reasons, you need to log in to Intercom using your e-mail username and password.

Once logged in, select "Carpooling" in the sections menu on the left of your screen. There you will find instructions on how to "request" a ride or "offer" a ride. You'll also be able to read all the requests and offers available. If you find a match with your needs, just contact the individuals involved.

I hope you'll take time to review this new option of transportation, and that you'll find it useful either on a daily basis or for those occasional opportunities when you need a ride.

I'd like to thank the Intercom team for helping facilitate this opportunity for our campus community.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me -- Barbara Terrell, 274-3896.

Contributed by Barbara Terrell