(Biology) Student Awards and Presentations at ECSC


Contributed by Nancy Pierce

Saturday, April 8 several Biology students and faculty travelled to Central Connecticut State University in New Britain, CT to conduct research presentations at the 59th Annual Eastern Colleges Science Conference (www.ccsu.edu/ecsc/).

Two students won awards!

Darrin Bann (Biology '06) won the award for Best Platform Presentation in his section (Molecular, Cellular, and Physiological Biology) for his talk entitled "Testing hypotheses of host use in Blepharoneura (Diptera:Tephritidae). His paper was coauthored by Dr. Susan Swensen (Biology Department).

Christine Simon (Biology '05) won the award for Best Platform Presentation in her section (Biochemistry and Chemistry) for her talk entitled "The effects of slug and land snail glue proteins on gel mechanics". Her paper was coauthored by Dr. Andrew Smith (Biology Department).

Four other students in Biology also presented research papers at the meeting:

Andrew Cameron (Biology '05) presented a talk entitled "Testing the effect of molluscan glue proteins on adhesive performance” with Andrew Smith.

Joe Resti (Biology ’05) presented a talk entitled “Indrect effects of biotic damage on photosynthesis in a forest understory” with Jason Hamilton.

Dana Walsh (Biology '06) presented a talk entitled "Evidence for allele sharing in the ITS region of Gurania (Cucrbitaceae)" with Susan Swensen.

Tom Welter (Biology '06) presented a talk entitled “The role of ions and embolism in regulating water distribution within the xylem of plants” with Peter Melcher.


The Eastern College Science Conference is held each year in the northeast. The conference is designed specifically for undergraduates to present the results of their research in a friendly environment. All presentations are given by undergraduates.