Opening Weekend Program Volunteers Needed


Contributed by Darese Doskal-Scaffido

The PIECES (Providing Ithaca Experiences Connecting Every Student) program will be returning for opening weekend again this fall, and we're looking for faculty and staff volunteers to help with this program again.

The program helps first year students begin to connect to the College and to their class as a whole. Students have the opportunity to meet and talk with other new students, learn to sing the alma mater, learn about IC history, and sign a class banner.

We would prefer volunteers to be available 11:00 am-3:30 pm on Sunday, August 21, but will also work with individuals who are available for part of that time. The role of volunteers will be to facilitate conversation within a group of 10-12 students as they participate in the various activities. This is a great opportunity to get to know some of our new students!

If you are interested in working with this program, please contact Darese Doskal-Scaffido in the Office of Residential Life.

This program is sponsored by the Offices of Residential Life and Judicial Affairs, the Division of Institutional Advancement, and the Division of Student Affairs and Campus Life.