Opening Exhibition of Israeli and Palestinian Political Cartoons


Contributed by Beth Harris

On Sunday, March 26, Ithaca College's Students for a Just Peace will present a special exhibition of political cartoons by an Israeli and a Palestinian artist. The exhibition will be held in the space on the Commons across from the store Unique World, from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. Food and entertainment will be provided.

This art exhibition is the kick-off to a week of events entitled "Know Occupation: Israel/Palestine." Information about the rest of the week will be available at the exhibition. Nicole Brierre and Haley Singer, members of Students for a Just Peace, traveled to Israel/Palestine this past December and January. They met and interviewed Israeli cartoonist Amitai Sandy from Tel Aviv. Three of his works will be on display. In addition, the Haley and Nicole met and interviewed Palestinian cartoonist Loui Jameel from Azarya in the West Bank. Five of his works will be on display.

For questions or additional information contact Students for a Just Peace, Nicole Brierre at [].