Running Low on Bonus Bucks?


Contributed by Debra Meeker

Take advantage of the Buy 3 Get 1 Free Deal and add more to your bonus bucks account.
(You must have a meal plan to have a Bonus Bucks account. Also this deal does not apply to those who originally purchased the 10 meal plan WITHOUT Bonus Bucks)
That's right - for every three dollars you put on your account, Dining Services will give you a dollar FREE.

So if you add $30 - you will actually get $40 credited to your account.
You can add Bonus Bucks by cash, check, or credit card. Just contact the Main Office of Dining Services, by phone at (607) 274-1187 or in person by visiting the office (Monday - Friday 9am to 4pm).
The office is located next to the ID Office in Terrace 1.
*Remember you can always add more to your Bonus Bucks Account