Pastor Bruce Davenport from New Orleans to Visit Campus


Contributed by Deborah Mohlenhoff

Pastor Bruce Davenport, of the 7th Ward in New Orleans, will be speaking at Ithaca College on Friday, January 26th, from 12pm to 2pm in the Seminar Room of the Campus Center. He is in Ithaca to reach as many people as possible to talk about life in New Orleans, and the hopes of rebuilding. A local organization, Love Knows No Bounds, is sponsoring his visit to our community.

The purpose of this visit is to spread the word about what has and is happening in New Orleans, from the perspective of a Pastor who is committed to providing life sustaining and enriching resources to the people living in his neighborhood in the 7th Ward. In addition, we are hoping to gather volunteers and materials for the April trip to New Orleans which Love Knows No Bounds is organizing.

This will be an interactive question and answer session and you can drop in to the program at any time you may have available on Friday.

Please RSVP as soon as possible to Deb Mohlenhoff [mailto:], so we can be sure to order enough pizza and that our room is large enough.