Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) Search Update


Contributed by Nancy Pringle

As you know from previous reports of the provost search committee, the final phase of our recruitment effort includes inviting select candidates to visit our campus. We are pleased to report that the finalist group has been identified and will inform the College community of the candidates’ names after we have confirmed the schedules for their visits. Each candidate’s schedule and vita material will be provided for your information. The provost search committee encourages your participation in the on-campus sessions we plan to schedule for the weeks of October 25-29 and November 8-12.

The purposes of being able to engage our finalists are two-fold. First, this process will enable us to know the candidates on a deeper level. Second, and perhaps more importantly, our time together will provide an excellent opportunity for us to demonstrate the strengths and benefits that Ithaca College offers a potential new provost.

Throughout the search process, the committee has pledged to protect the identities of the candidates. Obviously, once the candidates are announced to the College community, we can no longer promise confidentiality to these finalists. We encourage you to bear in mind that any further inquiries about them will need to be treated with respect, sensitivity and discretion in order to insure their continued engagement with our search.

In addition to the search committee’s preliminary interviews with these candidates, we have had many conversations with individuals who have worked with them and know them well. There is a strong consensus within the search committee that these candidates are eminently capable of providing effective leadership for Ithaca College.

The schedules being developed will include meetings with representatives of various College constituencies including a particularly strong emphasis on times for faculty interaction. We will also schedule open forums during these visits, which will include a brief presentation by each candidate and will enable members of the campus community to learn more about the finalists. The candidates’ identities and schedules, including the times of their presentations and group meetings, will be announced as soon as their availability is confirmed. We encourage all interested members of the campus community to attend the session(s) appropriate to your interests.

We remain excited about the ultimate outcome of the search process. If you have any questions, please direct them to me at or to our consultant, Julie Tea, at